"We understand that the only way to achieve our goals is to attract and retain the best possible people."

Gregor Kreusch, Founder Gate 8 Limited, Hong Kong


Lisa Scheithauer

Born in Cologne, Germany Lisa is an award winning design professional with significant experience in communication design, trade-fair and events, as well as retail design from flagship to pop-up-store.

Before she joined Gate 8 Lisa developed her skills through many years working with numerous agencies such as Jung von Matt in Hamburg, Lutz and Schmitt in New York , and Piratas in Duesseldorf. She finally came to Hong Kong with her last employer Uniplan, Germany’s biggest live communications company with over 700 employees worldwide.

Lisa is a creative and ambitious individual with a strong understanding of concept to market cycle. She takes responsibility as team leader and coordinates projects from start to finish.

Head of Design


Lu Yanyu

Yan has an amazing skill to manage projects without missing a single detail. She is enthusiastic about everything she does and a committed designer.

Over her numerous years at Gate 8, she has developed many new skills but her key skill is to visualise ideas under tight deadlines. The most effective tool to communicate with our customers.

Yan is well rounded in all aspects of design including CAD, model making, visualising, project management, and problem solving.

Senior Designer

Gregor Kreusch

Gregor has been working in the brand retail industry for more than 20 years. Born in Germany, he is living in Hong Kong for 15 years. An Industrial Designer by training, the father of three optimised his skills at various brand management positions before founding Gate 8 Limited in 2009.

Managing Director



Karina Kwong

Karina leaves nothing to chance. A pusher without being pushy she understands to seek information when needed, and that in very detail. Appointments, deadlines, strict observance of outstanding and due payments, liaison with third party suppliers, Karina looks after it all.

Last but not least, Karina ensures smooth operations making sure that each member of our team has all the tools to perform at their best.

Company Administrator & Logistics Support


Joseph Gould

Joseph arrived in Hong Kong from London in 2013, and has rapidly gained a broad experience in the last 5 years to compliment his 10 years of consultancy experience in the UK. His ability to frame the essence of a task makes him a pleasure to work with. He is a thoughtful and conscientious designer with an excellent appreciation of the use and properties of materials, a key element to successful retail design.

Retail Designer


Ngan Pikki

Graduated in 2017 from Polytechnic University Hong Kong BA (Hons) in Product Design, Pikki is a highly motivated individual with a lot of talent. A quick learner, curious and gifted with strong aesthetic sense, she will support other members of the design team to produce sample boards and CAD concept models in response to client requirements as well as compiling documents detailing design specifications.