"Our preferred partner for brand retail merchandising."

Magnus McGlashan, CEO, Pacsafe



The collaboration started in 2015 with the design development of a merchandising display program for global retail distribution. Our goals were to amplify key brand messages, establish clear category leadership, and provide multiple solutions that delivers a cohesive brand experience.

In 2016, we were then commissioned to develop a modular trade fair system to implement the ever-increasing number of trade fairs in a cost-efficient manner and to counteract the wasteful use of the stand after a trade fair.

In 2018 the successful collaboration was crowned with the task to build the first ever Pacsafe flagship store in central Hong Kong. From idea to fulillment.



Modular Tradeshow System

In Spring 2016 we were asked to develop a modular trade-show booth system that can be expanded, updated, and stored flat when in not in use. One year later we are counting 8 successful trade-shows that were using our system at fairs in the United States.

The system consists of a modular metal frame structure that can be expanded in all directions providing maximum flexibility to cater for any space offered. The assembled frame structure then get equipped with tailor-made cladding panels like peg boards, slat walls, LED graphic panels or solid material for decoration purpose. This allows the booth to be always up to date for every show without changing the entire structure.

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"The biggest fashion industry booth building company came to our stand and said ours was best in show! Well done Gate 8."

Phil Hayes, SVP, Pacsafe